TSH Trucking Careers

Tennessee Steel Haulers was founded in 1976 and quickly grew into one of the nation’s most dependable long and short haul trucking companies. Known for their family values, the company offers services to fit every shipping company’s needs.

Offered Services

Offering some of the best freight broker services in the world, TSH has something to offer every shipping company.


Capacity is never an issue. TSH has partnered with over 7,500 carriers and works with over 600 leased owner operators to ensure that freight is shipped quickly and safely. This is done by:

  • Ensuring all owner operators go through orientation
  • Monitoring freight and drivers at all times
  • Maintaining DOT and CSA compliance
  • Providing a strict screening process

The company also has the utmost insurance on all freight carried. If items break in transit or something goes wrong, the insurance will provide financial relief and make the shipment owner whole again. Thousands of packages flow through the company’s many trucking terminals on a daily basis. When internal capacity is too large for a company to handle, TSH also offers storage solutions. These solutions are the perfect choice for growing companies that do not have enough warehouse space to manage of all their inventory effectively. We will discuss this further later on.

Logistic Solutions

Custom logistics solutions are offered to shipping companies across the country. These tailor-made solutions are exactly what a business needs to:

  • Move freight faster
  • Achieve better safety records
  • Ensure on-time deliveries

TSH is willing to make an investment to ensure that the customer’s needs are always met. This is done through current acquisitions that allow for logistics to be handled in a streamlined manner. The company has:

  • Purchased land for customers
  • Purchased forklifts and trailers
  • Trained and hired the correct personnel

Logistic solutions have been able to help companies grow their operations faster and more efficiently.

International Services

Currently, Tennessee Steel Haulers offers international transport between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. These services are complete and will serve all of the provinces in Canada. The company is also under contract with many carriers in Mexico to be able to quickly and safely fulfill transport needs. International freight passes through the company via trailer, open deck and van services.

Storage and Warehousing

When freight needs to be stored, your operations may come to a halt. This is a major issue when delivering freight from one shipping location to the other. Alleviating this responsibility on trucking companies ensures:

  • Less expenditures
  • Safer shipment storage
  • Increased storage

Inventory control is a major issue. With the storage solutions and warehousing offered, it’s possible to keep freight close by. The company offers strategic locations across the country with storage that can be assessed directly by customers at any time. This allows for hassle-free, cost effective storage when you need it most.

Working for TSH Trucking

 Tennessee Steel HaulersTSH works with only the best owner operators in the country. Applying for a job with the company requires that an owner has:

  • 1 year of OTR experience
  • No drug/felony or DUI convictions in the last 5 years
  • No speeding
  • Pass a road test
  • Maintain a clean driving record
  • LTL freight experience is a plus

Once hired, truckers will receive excellent pay and incentives. Drivers will receive 75% of the total line haul. However, due to the high pay, it is the trucker’s responsibility to pay for fuel and fees. Destination pay is paid once TSH is paid. There is also a company program that offers the ability to leave trucks and trailers. Bonuses are a regular occurrence with a $2500 sign-on bonus maximum. Safe drivers will receive a $100 bonus with every DOT inspection that passes. Tennessee Steel Haulers currently has 5 company operations and facilities spread across North Carolina, Texas and Tennessee. There are also 50+ agents spread across the United States to help with the company’s logistics. TSH Trucking offers solutions for companies and freight of all sizes. The company has also been granted contracts with the government to transport their freight. Working with the company in either a logistical sense or for the full transport of goods will allow businesses to meet the shipping needs of their customers. Many of the solutions offered are on a custom basis.